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Founder of Investar USA


Travis has spent the last 29 years in the real estate industry focused on residential development, property investment and land banking. Since 1985, he has successful participated in multiple real estate projects and investment acquisitions with properties in Canada and the United States. In 2002 he launched a single family and multi-family development company in Canada, offering a wide array of real estate investment products to investors across North America. Realizing the real estate investment opportunities to be had during the US housing crisis, Travis and his business partner used their Phoenix Arizona resources to compile the data and research required to put together a team of individuals that could capitalize on the undervalued, o over corrected U.S. housing market. Using their proprietary acquisitions system they were able to purchase over $50 Million of distressed assets in key rental neighborhoods. They launched Arizona Investar two years ago, selling hundreds of single family homes with their turnkey system, offering North American clients an opportunity to purchase property using the best vendors and rates in Arizona. Continuing with their same great business model and system they launched Investar USA and began acquiring US assets in various US states with a primary focus now in Houston, Texas.


As a Real Estate Marketing expert and home builder, Travis offers top-notch investment education programs and economic research materials to his investors. Producing hundreds of seminars on buying and selling real estate, Travis has developed a unique training program designed specifically for accredited investors. Working closely with each portfolio, he is able to assess and align high net-worth individuals with cash flowing single family and multi-family assets in various parts of the country.


As a husband, father and real estate investor, Travis’ focus is teaching and sharing his extensive knowledge of the investment space. Demonstrating to others the steps it takes for long term successful investing. Travis continues to add to his personal real estate portfolio, and now has multiple holding across North America.




Contact Travis For More Information

email: tcadman@investarusa.com

Phone: 1-855-456-3223





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