A dynamic and focused real estate investment and asset management specialist, Travis Cadman has a track record of accurately identifying undervalued properties with the potential to achieve exceptional returns.

“You can’t win big if you don’t dream big. My success is entirely due to my ability to channel my passions into revenue generation.” – Travis Cadman

Who is Travis Cadman?

If you’re a real estate professional in the Southwestern United States, you might have heard of Travis Cadman – co-founder and CEO of Investar USA. As a future-focused and shrewd real estate investment thought-leader, Travis Cadman created a niche in the multifamily rental market that allowed him to prosper during and after the Great Recession.

Visionary Entrepreneur

“Real estate investment is about as high-pressure as you can get – but you can’t let the stress control your actions. Keep calm, push forward, and never let failure be the last stop on your journey.” – Travis Cadman

Highly creative, energetic, and profoundly motivated, Travis Cadman’s record of deploying consistently profitable investment selection tactics has earned him recognition as one of Phoenix, Arizona’s most consistent investment strategists. His insights, experience, and relationship-building skills have helped him cultivate a multi-million dollar real estate investment portfolio.

Travis Cadman’s Strategies for Success

“I truly believe that you can’t call yourself a success if you haven’t contributed to the betterment of your community. Real estate investment is about more than just ROI – it’s about helping communities thrive.” – Travis Cadman

For more than 30 years, Travis Cadman has been a real estate investment subject matter expert – not only identifying robust opportunities, but revitalizing entire communities. His focus on affordable multifamily rentals has helped transform underserved districts into healthy, modern, and safe neighborhoods.

Learn. Grow. Accomplish.

If you want to be a successful real estate investor, Travis Cadman offers tips and solutions that can help you achieve steady returns. Learn how to identify opportunities and select the right investment products for your budget and objectives.

“I’m living proof that hard work, discipline, and focus will pay dividends. I’ve made my dreams come true – you can, too.” – Travis Cadman