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The founders of Investar USA will take you through a 45 minute webinar about the benefits of investing in multi-family apartment buildings in Houston, Texas.  They will discuss why they see Houston as the top real estate investment market and how you can create true-wealth from investing in multi-family apartment buildings. You will learn how to earn tax free income and equity growth. You will also learn the 4 unique and profitable benefits available to you as a real estate investor.

Join us Thursday, January 30th, 2014

12:00pm (MST) and 7:00pm (MST)


Please Join Travis Cadman and special guests from the property management team. Learn first hand how accredited investors can acquire apartment buildings in Houston.

In 2008 Travis Cadman and Ron Cadman told both Canadian and U.S. investors that the greatest way to participate and profit from the U.S. housing crisis would be to buy and hold Single Family Homes and the place to invest would be Phoenix, AZ.  As of today Phoenix, AZ is #1 in price appreciation from trough to peak. Now they are telling you that Houston, Texas us the next hot market – Don’t miss your chance to invest in another great opportunity.

Travis is a seasoned real estate investor and the principal of Investar USA. In addition to investing in single-family and multi-family apartments, Travis’ passion is teaching others the art of real estate investments. During this webinar, Travis will show you his tried and true secrets to multifamily investing in the hottest real estate market. Travis has helped thousands of Canadian and American investors get started in real estate, so we really hope you can join us!

If you cannot attend this webinar but would like a recorded copy. Please email csmith@investarusa.com and we will send you a copy of the video after the webinar is over.